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Doing this today 😊

Hi Yael!! I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind reading, and reviewing my book, The Masquerade by Alexa Rae. It’s young adult romance and it’s published online so if that is up your alley you should definitely check it out! It’s published online so you can find it at any ebook retailer website such as ibooks, kindle, and nook. If you don’t have the time I understand, but I’d absolutely love to hear back from you!

Umn I kinda have to reed books for school so it’ll take time but yeah I’ll love to reed your book in a few weeks when I’m done


Please reblog and like if you are fucking done and fed up with the lack of screen time Lydia has.

It’s seriously bullshit.
“Lydia’s arc” my ass.

Wny I haven’t been posting

1) Im taking a short break because I want to learn how to make gifs/photoshop art/etc and I don’t wanna post anything I didn’t made anymore

2) I just moved so I cant realy focus on tumblr

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